Executive Protection

Executive Protection Thailand

The unseen shield 

Executive Protection is the specific field that using a combination of measures trace a line between any potential threat and people, information or their valuable assets. An unseen shield made by men committed to protecting you.

Our company provides personalized solutions that best fit our clients’ needs. With the premise, as an ancient samurai quote says, ‘maximum efficiency with minimum effort’, we coordinate all the phases since the planning to the ground operations. Complemented by security procedures, risk evaluation and situational intelligence reports we are ready to offer the best protective services to let our clients stay focus on their business safely.

Our Close Protection Officers are regularly trained to keep them updated on the best industry practices. We operate with an amalgamation of professional standards, great management, and highly experienced personnel.

We know that everyday situations in relatively safe locations such as Southeast Asia are not necessarily totally risk-free; incidents affecting personal safety, both directly and indirectly, can and do occur every day. But you can rest assured that our bodyguard service agents are trained and licensed to perform all their functions effectively.

With the alarming increase of terrorism and kidnapping by criminal organizations, the protection of diplomats and executives has never been so essential. Hanuman Guardian specializes in providing executive protection services for CEO’s, visiting dignitaries, entertainment industry celebrities and VIP’s from the threats of assassination, kidnapping, bodily injury, and intimidation. Also, Misdemeanor crimes in form of pickpockets and petty extortionists could be found in some popular tourist areas.

By our agents, we guarantee our clients total discretion, confidentiality, integrity, loyalty, and professionalism in our services.

Our specialists coordinate with the customer, from beginning to end, to create and implement the distinct executive protection program, and systematically builds the program to match the customer’s specific needs.