Venue Security Case

Venue Security Case Thailand

We were contacted by a leading event management company which organizes important events in Asia with attendants from worldwide locations. Our company was requested to plan for and provide venue security at one of their music concerts.

During the first stage prior the start date our specialists completed the venue security planning for the event to conduct a risk assessment and develop feasible security and contingency plans. Recommendations and proposals were met with full approval and the results were immediate with positive feedback from staff and company clients instantaneously.

In a second phase, when the event started, through our security teams we supervised all the stages -access and backstage control, ensure crowd and flow management, implementation of health and safety protocols…- in concordance with the plan we defined previously. In addition the event was coordinated simultaneously in collaboration with local law enforcement and emergency response units.

All the operations were conducted smoothly  concluding the event with no incidents, receiving the best response from our satisfied client.