Risk Assessment Case

Risk Assessment Case Thailand

A regional corporate was searching for a risk specialist to design a prevention and contingency plan for one of its hubs in Southeast Asia. HGS was engaged to provide risk assessment for the implementation of a plan that best fits our client’s specific needs.

The main objectives of this process were to ensure business resilience and continuity of operations. As part of the risk assessment plan, HGS conducted peer reviews, model comparisons and extensive interviews with all the levels of the company assisted.

After the analysis our specialists were able to pinpoint potential risks, threats, superfluous costs and several mispractices from different levels. Scenario analysis was performed as the next step to describe a series of impacts and the probability of their occurrence for each identified risk event.

The results were presented to our client allowing to make appropriate and accurate decisions in planning and construction of future projects.

The scope of the assessment included crisis response and evacuation plans, security protocols -including physical security and IT security-, information loss prevention and emergency preparedness training.

Subsequently periodical surveys were conducted looking after the correct implementation of the risk management plan designed and its procedures. As outcome our client reduced loss costs, improved the general security, mitigated the risks and best practices were enforced among the employees.